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.Friday, December 31, 2010 ' 11:55 AM Y

Last Day of 2010

Sharlene, Alicia, Yahui and Xuyan

Its the last day of 2010! Omg, how time flies.
My site here is really kinda dead.
Actually I have the intention of closing my blog,
since I don't really blog these days.

Plus, I'm lazy to blog!! HAHAH
Well anyway, to end off 2010,
I shall post overdue pictures taken last few weeks.

The above pictures were taken at Paris ris
with my wintertime colleagues.

Anyway I'm not working at Wintertime anymore,
due to massive school load.

And I miss them alot ):

Steamboat with classmates! I guess that was 3 weeks ago.

Clique outing!
Went out with my clique recently to Mind Cafe at boat quay and sang K at Teoheng :D

Peiwen, Boonhao, Kendrick, Jeryn & Cheryl

I love my clique ttm! :DDDD
But next semester we would all be in different class ):

Like every other year, celebrated Christmas with my group of girls.
This time round we had a chalet at East Coast Park and headed to Pub for countdown.

Not all photos are posted here. Most of them are on Facebook.
Yeah this post would be super long if I were to post all of them. Hahaha.


.Tuesday, December 14, 2010 ' 12:29 AM Y

If time could go back...

Would everything be different?

.Tuesday, November 30, 2010 ' 11:28 PM Y

He, She, We, US :D

Poon Pei Wen



Been so long since I last update my site here.
Kind of dead already I suppose!
I'm busy with school lately, like always.
School ends at 6pm, head home for dinner, do tutorial homework.
By the time I want to on my baby laptop, its almost time to sleep!!
Anyway, photos above are taken during CCN day at school and marketing project at The Cathay.
Super overdue, I know ):

Joceline Tan!

Met up with ex-classmate, Joceline, few weeks back!
She came TP to look for me! So sweet.
Brought her to try out design western. She's all thumbs up for it :D
Chilled at Tampines starbucks later in the night and we talked for hours and hours.
Awesommmeeeee. I miss my secondary school days.

I miss the times when half of us pontang and the other half climb out of the school gate after recess!

Tomorrow is Wednesday :D
Going to eat steamboat with my clique in class.
So happy :DDDD
I LOVE MY CLIQUE - Cheryl, Jeryn, Boonhao, Kendrick and Peiwen :D

1000 words essay project due next week.

.Friday, November 12, 2010 ' 12:12 AM Y

I lost myself along the way

At times, I feel mentally worn out.
I need motivation.
I need motivation to get me started with projects.
I need motivation to get me moving in studies.
Projects are kicking in real soon and that's when my honeymoon period ends.

PROJECT is a big big word to me right now, for my CDS is project based.
No test. No exam.
Awesomeeee? Afraid not!
A total of 3 essays report to write.
And I suck at it.

After studying for a semester in TP, I learn something important.
Never trust anyone, but only yourself.
Because you never know who are the ones wearing mask over their faces.
They can mind-fuck you. So can they screw you up.
It's demoralizing, knowing that people who puts in probably only 1/3 of your effort can achieve as much as, or more than, what you can.

I have 2 projects due in 3 weeks and I've yet to start anything. Awesome.

Kim, save your soul.
Find the motivation that drives you please!

.Wednesday, November 10, 2010 ' 12:26 AM Y


It's amazing, looking back at how we met
and eventually get together.
Been a month, and still going strong!

.Thursday, October 28, 2010 ' 11:50 PM Y

Goodbye Holiday, Hello School!

Peiwen, Clarissa & Cheryl.

2 months of holiday came to an end!
My timetable for this semester is shitty.
In comparison with some of my peers, mine is quite okay.
But ain't satisfied by the fact that I end school at 6pm for 4 out of 5 days.
Last semester, I end school at 1pm, 4pm or 5pm.
This semester... Tsk tsk tsk!
Worse of all, I have tutorial on Friday 4 to 6pm!
This is worse than having a 9 to 11 tutorial on monday morning ):

I attended my CDS today - Entrepreneurship Project : Inter-disciplinary approach.
Just by looking at the name alone, it sounds tedious.
And yes it is, for there are three projects need to be completed in a semester.
Nonetheless, one or two includes presentation D:
Oh I was half an hour late for my tutorial today.
I was thinking, better late than never.
Plus, it's a 3 hours lesson.
Guess what? Lesson one was 40 mins only!
Which means, I attend 10 mins of lesson only. WTH~
Alright, enough of whining.

I met Joceline today at mac!
We slacked for hours.
So nice to see her~
Miss her so much, for we've not met for almost 2 months alr, or more!
Jo ah Jo~ Meet up more often k!! :D

P/s: Jaz, Wanyi, Tingwei, Minpei and all other taking 'O' level, all the best k!! :D

.Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ' 12:51 AM Y

When I see your smile, the world stops for a while

Moving on from you was one of the hardest thing in my life.
Because you were one who I deeply loved, be it as a friend or lover.
At the beginning, when everything fell, I still pinned high hope for your return.
But when I know you're doing well, with some other girl(s), it was honestly clear that you ain't coming back.
That was the time when I tell myself, everything between us had ended, I need to move on, despite how much I wanted you back.
If you had make your move now back then, things really would have been different.
We probably would have lesser misery.
Right now, I want to thank you instead.
I want to thank you for letting me go...
For letting me have the chance to know that there is a better guy out there for me.
I want to thank you for leaving happy memories in my life.
And after all that had happened, we're still friends, like before.
I believe there will be a girl out there, somewhere, who suits you more than any other girl.


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Kimberlyn Lim

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